General Information
Pro-Twist™ Thread Types and Points
Screw Threads and Points
Type “A” Sharp Point Self Piercing with Twin Leading Threads HI-LO Threads Self-Drilling
forming screw used in metal .015 to .050 thick. Pro-Twist™ are tested to pierce 20 gauge steel or less Self-piercing needlepoint penetrates sheet metal from .0209 to .0358. Twin lead threads assure fast action and reduce driving torque and strip-out problems Thread forming screw used in light gauge steel for special applications requiring higher strip-out resistance Special designed point used to pre-drill and tap a hole in a one step application. Used in thicker gauge materials that would require a pre-drilled hole
Pilot Point Self Drilling with Wings Spade Point Type 17 Point
Used for attaching ¾” to 1-1/8” materials to thin gauge steel. The leading blank shank eliminates thread engagement which is the primary cause of jacking Used for attaching 5/8 to 2-1/4 materials to thick gauge steel. The wings eliminate the need to pre-drill the attached material Primarily used to fasten cement board to wood or light gauge steel. The spade point penetrates the board without cracking Used for penetrating harder woods, eliminates splitting during installation. Can also be used in light gauge applications
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