About Pro-Twist
Pro-Twist Construction Fasteners are engineered for professional-grade use in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Whether the job involves drywall, steel framing, mobile home construction, electrical or plumbing work, plastering, or metal roofing, Pro-Twist has the optimal fastener for every situation.
Each Pro-Twist fastener is manufactured with a higher-than-normal 1022 carbon content for sharper, stronger points, and incorporates a unique thread design that significantly improves penetration speed. Pro-Twist fasteners undergo three separate quality control tests for consistency, penetration, and speed in accordance with ICC ES standards.
All Pro-Twist sharp point and self-drilling screws meet ASTM requirements for corrosion resistance and performance. And each screw is “PT” head stamped and ICC approved for accountability.
Pro-Twist is manufactured and distributed by PrimeSource Building Products. PrimeSource Building Products stocks and distributes a full assortment of building materials. For more information, visit the PrimeSource Building Products web site: www.primesourcebp.com
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